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DHC FOOD EXPERIENCE is a family business founded in 1997. The company embodies our passion for innovative, delicious and healthy food products that offer moments of pure pleasure.


Our commitment lies in the selection of the finest products, placing these in the market in a competitive way, fit for the most demanding of customers. In order to achieve this, we only establish commercial relations with trading partners of the highest caliber, both nationally and internationally.


Our mission is not only to monitor, but to foresee consumption trends, and how a range of products can benefit the market in which they are positioned. DHC manages the range’s commercial, promotional and logistical functions, guaranteeing that each product is handled with the care their particularity demands. Our high-quality range includes primarily refrigerated products, and is markedly discernible from mass consumer goods; we are particularly attentive to issues regarding turnover, expiration dates, preservation, the handling of goods and communication.


DHC also ensure roles related to distribution for our business partners, as well as: procurement, stock selection, logistics, negotiation, placement, marketing, communication, promotion, sale tracking and valuation.


Because we are always showcasing new products, keep your eyes peeled for our latest additions, soon to be in a store near you: FROZEN CREPES AND AMERICAN PANCAKES, FRESH PASTA AND ORGANIC/GLUTEN-FREE BLINIS, LACTOSE-FREE CHEESE, ORGANIC PASTA, FRESH ITALIAN PASTA WITH KAMUT WHEAT AND SPELT, and much more.


We’ll look forward to hearing from you!


Address: Av. Dr. Luís Sá, 9K
Parque Monserrate, Z.I. Abrunheira
2710-022 Sintra

Tel: +351 21 453 54 49 / +351 21 453 54 57

Fax: 21 453 55 69

Email: geral@dhc.pt